The unique combination of massage and professional advice could help you to see lasting improvements in the quality of your life. They could even help you return to activities you may have abandoned some time ago. It is beneficial for people of any age, fit or unfit, suffering from chronic pain, repetitive strain as well as recent injuries.

It starts with a  posture analysis  to see where areas of tension lie in the body. My aim is to locate these areas and by using advanced manipulation techniques to then breakdown the scar tissue and adhesions - “knots”.   It will allow your body greater movement and flexibility and also restores muscles back to their prime fitness. Release of old tensions aids the elimination of toxins and helps to ease the painful areas so the body feels renewed and more relaxed.

Where the body has suffered an injury it often develops a secondary tension as other muscles have to work harder to support the injured area. Untreated injuries either from sports, sitting at a desk or driving can lead to chronic muscle tension.

Chronic muscle tension is usually caused by bands of painful rigid tissue known as adhesions which can block our circulation, causing inflammation and limiting our movement. Deep tissue massage aims to physically break down these adhesions which relieves pain and restores normal movement as well as releasing chronic patterns of tension in the body.

Every body is an individual, whilst there are probable outcomes, no two bodies will injure in the same way, repair in the same way or recover in the same way, expect the unexpected and remember there can be goals and targets, but the body will not stick to a schedule if it chooses not to, patience on the road to recovery is key.

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